Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Art group (no name yet!)

I have wanted to be surrounded, inspired by, supported etc. by a community of creative women for awhile now. So when we decided to make the move here, that was a priority of "wants" for me. I can't tell you how I have been blessed right away with a lovely group of talented women! A couple of us that were itchin' for the same thing, decided to start up this group to nourish our creative bones. New friends, new experiences, new artsy challenges, new fun! We jumped in.
Here are the first shots of our first meeting at a totally cool clubhouse that one of the girls Mom's belongs to. We get to use it every month! Becky (one of the many incredible scrapbookers in the group) decided to do the first project. Look at all the supplies she had to share... and we all chip in $10 a month for other supplies.

We had Altoid mint tins to design with a Halloween theme. We could give it our own spin with the zillion cool supplies before us. For us non-scrapbookers, it was overwhelming what to choose to do BUT certainly exciting to learn how to do it and get our fingers and minds going.

Some went spooky Halloween"vintage villian".

Got 'em all dolled up on the outside with whatever tickled your fancy.

...ribbon, beads, glitter, stamps, ink, buttons, stickers, paper...embellishments!

...then to jazz up the inside.

Could go crazy Halloween wild or go simple kid cutie. Whatever!
Just a creative time to sit, stir up conversation, create... and be ourselves.
Can't wait 'til next month...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

cRaZy campers.

We decided to go to the foothills again this weekend and tent solo at the near Platte River before it gets too cold here. 
Here is a camping trip with the us Foster's.
Along with some things that you shouldn't do.
We packed up. Everything from a portable potty to blow up mattresses.
Gotta be comfortable, right? 
(Really it's just cuz we have kiddos in tow now.)
We decided to leave a few inches in the car for them.

We eventually found a spot to pitch the tent. It was perfect. It took my Boy Scout of a man no time at all to set up camp. (Conquering the sweat, flies, red ants...)

Water-n-two girls. Never a dull moment.

When we lived in Olympic National Park when J was a park ranger, we backpacked a lot and tented in the most beautiful places. This spot was totally at the top of the list.

Started a fire for our "foil packets". A wonderful pile of potatoes, chicken, bacon, mushrooms, onion and garlic.

Alright, not so wonderful. 
Cooked wAaaaY too long on the coals. We chowed on burnt eeeeww for dinner. 
Not cool.

Okay, let's try "banana boats" (the Girl Scout in me). 
Slice open a banana, put marshmallows and chocolate chips inside. Roll it up in foil, toss it in the fire... 
It made up for the pathetic dinner. 

This spot was lovely, until it started ...raining! All snuggled up, our ears were filled with raindrops and river water rolling all night. 

The next morning, after some not all burnt blueberry pancakes we had to PACK UP
Yes, less than a 18 hour camping trip!
A sheriff approached us and apparently we were camped illegally.
There was no camping allowed along the river and no fires allowed either.
We played the "duh, we are new here and from Texas card" and luckily didn't get ticketed/fined.

There you go. Camping with the Foster clan.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


School started here over 2 weeks ago on August 1st. 
I know--- really? 
Yes, so soon because they have 2 week breaks throughout the year. I think it's pretty cool, actually. After 8 weeks of summer, kiddos and Momma's are ready for school to start anyway. Their elementary school goes up to 6th grade. Okay by me- I wasn't ready to send Hannah to Jr. High quite yet!

So I think my girlies were brave. 
They were coming from the school that Josh taught at and all the teachers there remembering when they were born, etc. It was a loving, supportive, awesome atmosphere for them for lots of years. Now everything is a big, fat adjustment. I mean- new everything all at once is tough not only for kiddos but for big kiddos like Josh and I too.

Every year when the new school year starts I get kinda weepy. Alright, it's certainly not as bad as when they started kindergarten (that was really weepy) but it's still weepy on some levels. It is just another year of letting go as a Mom. For them letting go of me. For them making their own decisions and ways. I miss them like crazy. I think about them all day. Worry a bit too (hey, it's a Mommy thing).

There have been tears in the morning with a certain 4th grader. It rips my heart into shreds. I know everything takes time- and I will keep saying that to her and myself too. The school is up the street and so great. The teachers are super, it's a laid back cool flip flop atmosphere, friendly, and just all good. We are excited for the "new kids from Texas".... a sweet-n-sassy-strut-your-stuff 6th grader and a on-the-shy-side-full-of-love 4th grader. I'm hopeful that it's gonna be a great year.

"Parents teach in the toughest school in the world-- the School for Making People. You are the board of education, the principal, the classroom teacher, and the janitor.   -Virginia Satir

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