Friday, January 9, 2015

Things I've come to know.

Random things I have come to know lately: PART 8

~God has 3 answers: Yes. Not right now. I have something better in mind.
~I am addicted to my heating pad in the winter.
~For the past 5 years I have had a "word" that speaks deep to my grow with, pray on, be inspired, meditate on, reflect on, etc. They have been: courage, faith, free, mindful, and this year: focus.
~We are the hardest on ourselves a lot in life. What's up with that?
~Words are powerful.
~If he: makes you laugh. says he's sorry. makes an effort. holds your hand. says "I love you more" a ton each day. works hard. attempts to understand you. Then-- he is a keeper.
~I love real, inner beautiful soulful, non-drama people.
~Acne is a total bummer.
~It's so not good to compare your house/talent/lives/looks to strangers online. Repeat: don't do it.
~Some years are more challenging than the others.
~As we age: we DO get more full of wisdom, understanding, clarity and openness.
~Our 9 year old computer is now "vintage".
~Us momma's can learn a ton from our children.
~Put your iphones down, people. There are times and places for them.
~You can still have no food in the fridge and find something to eat.
~Families are our greatest spiritual teachers. Patience, unselfishness, compassion, generosity, unconditional love...and so on.
~Being a freshman in high school isn't so bad.
~I still feel 15 inside alot of the times.
~Diabetes breaks my heart.
~More sit-ups are required as you get older.
~Hug or kiss your kids in the morning, when they get home from school, and at night. It's important.
~This year I wrote "I am a survivor." This is the first time ever. Maybe I am finally embracing after 20 years that I really am.
~Try saying "my pleasure" after doing something for your kids. They will hopefully learn to do that too.
~Attitude is everything.
~Your colon: take care of it.
~The Colorado roads need to be prepared. Hannah started drivers ed!
~I love sending my art all over the world. From Australia to Ireland to Poland! What a gift for me to do.
~Your souls instincts: trust them, already.
~When my hubby cooks and vacuums and scrubs the bathroom: pure raw romance for me.
~Belly laugh and be crazy with your kids. They really do love it.
~The show "Fixer Upper" with Chip and Joanna Gaines. I am obsessed.
~Christian writer/blogger/decorator Jen Hatmaker : you totally rock.
~I love our church.
~I wish I was more computer saavy.
~I love bargains.
~I want to get paid to decorate people's homes.
~Texting is a great way to keep in touch and connected with far away friends.
~Listen more. I think it's one of the finest qualities in a person.
~It's a fabulous thing to be nice to yourself more often than not.

"Everything happens for a reason. The highs. The lows. It's all for higher development. And I would not stress out about the down part. It's part of everyone's evolution." (quote from ?)

More here if you want to continue:)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

It's Christmas!

Christmas morning!

The girls get one gift from us each year. A big one. 
This year they each got Chrome laptops for school. They do almost all their homework online and our almost 10 year old "vintage" computer isn't cutting it lately!
Happy girls.

Aren't these Shutterfly pillows great? 

We headed to the Whiting's for more presents....

and posing...

and playing...

and putting together...

...and good chow!

Lauren worked for months on knitting everyone Christmas hats and scarves and survival bracelets for the guys too. We had to take a picture of everyone with their special gifts on!
Aren't they f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s? 

Merry Christmas!


So you are wondering what goes into a Christmas when you have company staying for a couple weeks? Well, here you go...
Some thorough-patient-concise-basic introduction into the technology of the iPhone.

Some young (very young!) help into the technology of today.

Some dishes needing to be washed.

Okay. ALOT of dishes needing to be washed.

Some chitter chatter.

Some cleaning.

Some creative time.

Some crazy time.

Some wise and loving time.

Some chill-lazy time.
(and crazy Josh being obsessed with his survival knife: do you not see him in the background? HA!)

Some silly time.
Some sweet sassy attitude time.

Some traditional Santa hat picture time.

Some remembering time.

All treasured times to be blessed with.

All grateful hearts for the love all around us.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Christmas Eve

We went to the Christmas Eve service at our church...then back to our place...

Christmas Eve is my favorite. I love going to church in the evening, the calmness in the night, the family gathered, the food, the roaring fire, the anticipation of the morning...

Christmas Eve memories are the one's that I hold tight at Christmas time. There is something so lovingly relaxing and peaceful about this very special night. 

The boys wanted their toesies painted! Seriously, how cute is this?

We did a Tex-Mex dinner with the gang...

Had a blast playing Christmas Pictionary...

And the artist in us all came out!

Holiday PAR-TEY's!

Our cute town "StarLighting" at the beginning of the holiday season.
It's a community event with Christmas singing, Santa, fireworks, businesses, food...and hangin' at a Bier Garten.
This is the only picture I have!

We went to a "crazy holiday hat" party. Here is Josh and I with Old Fart and Old Fart's wife hats. With mistletoe hanging in the front of course.

Everyone had fun...Steve won the prize. Isn't his awesome?
Josh got the best white elephant gift.

The Foster's arrived just in time for the girls Christmas piano recital.

It was just beautiful.

Here's a New Years Party with some sweet girlfriends for the girls. We headed to some friends house with a few couples for fondue fun and super fun belly-laughing games. (oops, I didn't take any pictures!)We got back to the house to find out the girls were shooting off fireworks. We were like...whuuuut?!

My brothers January birthday celebration with some cooooold 4-wheeling...
                                                     ...and wish making!

Turkey Day and Tree Day

Sitting all warm and cozy while Steve cut the bird.
All the side dishes were crammed in the oven.
Smelling amazing.

Sharing the love.

Snuggling and feeling all grateful for family.

Oh. We. Ate.

Being thankful for the hosts!

The next morning= Christmas!

So I got a Groupon special for a live tree awhile back. We haven't had a real tree in years, and it was a good deal. I am all for a good deal!
So it was FALSE ADVERTISING. The place was so cheesy. It wasn't acres and acres of lush trees that we cut down ourselves and put in a cute wagon for placement on our car! NOPE. This "tree farm" was on a putt putt golf course. Only a tiny amount of expensive trees to choose from. Totally and completely pathetic!

CERTAINLY NOT the Colorado vision they portrayed in the ad.

We laughed it was so silly.

We made the somewhat long drive all better with a Starbucks stop.

We then put the tree up.
And reflected.


Reminisced from years ago.
This ornament I made when I was 10.

We were sassy.

And topped off the cheesy day with the perfect family portrait.

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