Thursday, June 29, 2017

spring break 2017

We were off...apparently I was more excited than Josh..ha!

Got to New Smyrna Beach where Josh's folks had been living in a condo by the water for a couple months. Here is the view from their place.

Had to get seafood the first night.

A bit chilly but didn't deter us from the golf cart on the beach.

and games,

and chillin, 

and thinking...ponderin'

and  rides into the cute little town,

Eating and hugging.

It started to warm up.

Boogie boarding...

Lara's daughter was in town and we hit up town.

It was so peaceful.

A well needed time.

Fresh air, the outdoors and ocean are always a good idea.
The girls had a ball with daddy in the ocean riding the waves.

We went to the best breakfast place downtown.

And a burger on the beach.

Then to Wes and Lara's for paddle boarding and to celebrate Warren's 85th birthday.

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